Monday, October 8, 2012

Remembering Matt.

Matt Turner was killed in an car wreck Saturday night. We are heartbroken. We are heartbroken because we lost our friend. We are heartbroken for Julee and Preslee. We have no words.  Jonathan and Matt were childhood friends. They grew up together. They played football together. They went to seperate colleges but always stayed in touch. Jonathan was an usher in Matt's wedding and Matt was an usher in our wedding. We loved him. We love Julee and Preslee. We are sad. Please keep the Turner and Bell family in your prayers. 

Matt and Lucy
 Jonathan, Matt, Tony and Lucy
 Matt's 30th Birthday. Jonathan, Andy, Tony, Matt Green and Matt.
 Matt checking out Lucy at her first tailgate.
 This December when we visited the new little family.
This is a terrible pic but Matt walked Jonathan's grandmother down the aisle at our wedding. 
The End.

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Unknown said...

Oh Mary. This is so sad and tragic. I'm praying for all of Matt's family and friends. I know there are so many that are heartbroken from the loss of this great man. I'm so sorry, friend.