Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 Last Thursday My baby sister Emily showed up my door. Sister needed to escape the Bikes Blue and bbq take over and she came to visit.

Friday, Lucy went to school and Emily and I went shopping. We found a new outdoor shopping area in Plano. We went to Sams and walmart, Nordstrom rack, tj maxx, and then we finished off the day at costco. Yes I am now a costco member.

Saturday, it rained. We decided to go to the aquarium. So did everyone else in Dallas. So we stood in line in the rain. The line wrapped around the building. We left after standing 5 minutes in the rain. We went to chuck e cheese instead. Lucy loved it!

Emily and Henry.

 Emily and Henry. Isn't she pretty! Also, she is single. Anyone know someone? He has to be tall. She is 5'11".
 Lucy and Barney.

The End.

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Dennis has a single friend that you need to ask him about. I mentioned the other day that Emily should meet him.