Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We had a wonderful Christmas in Texas! We have loved all the family time that we have gotten to spend together and all the memories and traditions that we are making! 

Here are some pictures. 

Decor. My Toms chip clip card holder. Some of our cards...
 Our stockings... Please excuse the bareness of this room I have some things to add to my decor.
 Henry's stocking..
 Lucy's stocking.
 Santa's star war cookies. I couldn't find my Christmas cutters but I insured Lucy that Santa loved Star wars.
 Our tree and Gifts.
 Santa giving Joseph a little fatherly advice.

 Our turkey in a brine. Jonathan smoked an amazing Turkey.
 My Christmas Loves.

 My little Puppy dog. This little boy has shown me his tongue since I taught him what it was...
 We did the three gift rule this year. Lucy got a game, a little critter rv and tent set, and a light saber. Lucy for the past weeks has been telling us she only wants star wars for christmas. So we thought we should get her something star war related so we got her the light saber. When she opened it, we instantly saw the dissapointment in her face, she said, "I like star wars but I like princess's too". She smiled so sweetly though trying not to let us see that she was disappointed! Ha. she got some princess things too in her stocking.

 I got Jonathan a balloon animal making kit for a stocking stuffer and Lucy and I really enjoyed playing with it! I've learned how to make a dog, a dear, a poodle, a rabbit, a sword, a hat and a giraffe. I'm thinking about ordering more balloons!

 Unlike Lucy, Henry enjoyed the light saber.
 Jonathan putting together Henry's ballpalooza.
 and then to end our Christmas day it snowed.
 and snowed.
 Me and Henry.
 Happy Birthday Jesus Cake.

 Henry making a silly face.

 and our gingerbread house.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

The End.

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