Friday, December 21, 2012

Things my kids should know about me: 1 of 30

For the last couple of months I have wrestled with an idea for a blog series. The series would focus on memories and stories of when I was a kid. I wanted to leave evidence of myself for my kids in case they ever wanted to know who their mom was when she was a kid. My earliest memory dates back to when I was three. Anyway, I have started a few of the post and have never finished them, they just sit in my draft file! This morning while cruising pinterest I found a great pin and thought I would do it.

So Here it goes:

20 Random facts about myself

1. I always root for the underdog.
2. I can play the piano but not very well. My right hand was always better than my left.
3. I can only hold my purse on my left shoulder. It cannot sit on my right because it feels unnatural.
4. I love a clean house but I hate to clean.
5. My toe nails are always too long and usually have chipped nail polish.
6. I shave my toes.
7. I hate the word epic. I think it is overused. I especially hate it when people say, "This is going to be epic."  The only epic I know of was the odyssey and it was long and boring and I don't want to attend anything long and boring.
8. I love the Razorbacks.
9. I always make the bed. My room may be a disaster but the bed is always made.
10. I don't like to be late. I usually show up 15 - 20 minutes before an appointment.
11. I didn't wear a watch or use a calender until Lucy was born. Moms always know what time it is and what day it is. They also plan ahead, I've had to learn this.
12. I was diagnosed with ADD in the 10th grade. I should have been medicated a long time before that. I went off my medicine when I was pregnant with Lucy and never went back on. This is why I run around in circles doing things and sometimes ask you, "Now what was I doing?"
13. I take the best notes. Lectures.. Sermons.. Phone Conversations...
14. My biggest fear is being eaten by a shark but I love the ocean, I'm always on look out when I do though. Also, at night when I am almost asleep I kick my legs in panic. Jonathan always asks what is the matter and I tell him leg twitch but really I kick with the thought of a shark biting my leg. Weird I know.
15. My life verses are: Philippians 4:6 and Philippians 4:11-13
16. I hated turtle necks when I was little, so much that I didn't wear one until my freshman year in college. Something about my big head going through a small hole. Maybe it triggered a birth memory. I don't know.
17. There is not a food that I hate or won't eat. (Normal foods)
18. I can eat or drink extremely hot, as in temperature, foods or drinks. Nothing has to cool down before I will eat it. Jonathan is always amazed at my ability to drink hot coffee straight out of the pot. No cooling necessary.
19. I love to take a hot bath. The hotter the better. I usually come out red as a lobster.
20.  My sisters are my best friends. It didn't start out that way we use to hate each other. Laura hated me because I ALWAYS stole her clothes! I hated Emily because she was my little sister and I thought that is what older sisters did besides I was jealous of her, She was the baby, she was taller than me, skinnier, and way smarter! We learned to love each other and now I couldn't have asked for two better best friends or sisters.

Coming up next... Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.
The End.

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