Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 week Catch Up

I didn't mean to take a two week blogging break but I did... So this is my attempt to catch up. 

What have we been doing?
Spending time together. We've done a few fun things with the kids. We went to Bass Pro shop last weekend and then to Dave and Busters to let Lucy play the games! She loved both adventures. This weekend Jonathan's parents came into town and watched the kids so we could have a date night! I started a bible study on Wednesday that I am loving. I love to get to know other moms who are in the same season that I am and that are passionate about the LORD! 

Pulls up on everything! Started saying Dada. Waves Hello. Thinking about signing more and all done. I keep throwing out the signs and he starts moving his hands... 

Busy with school. Learning sight words. Her favorite word is But... She whispers it because we aren't allowed to say that word. We've had two different play dates this week and she loved every minute of it! 

Now to the pictures...
Henry waving Hi!
 Pretty Lucy at Bass Pro Shop.
 Lucy and Henry putting on a "muppet" show at the library.
 Henry at Bass Pro Shop.
 Lucy and her Daddy

 Lucy and Mabry.
 Jonathan and I ready for our date.
(I finally got out without the kids to get my haircut and to buy some makeup)
The End.

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