Sunday, February 24, 2013


This weekend I attended the dotMom conference if Frisco, TX with two new friends. I am thankful for my husband that he would take a half day and watch our kids on Friday and all day on Saturday. BY HIMSELF! He did an excellent job and I'm so proud of my sweet little family for surviving without me. This weekend was everything I needed, I needed to spend some time away from my kids, I needed to worship loudly, I needed to listen to intelligent people about raising kids, I needed to speak to adults and  I needed to go out to eat with people who didn't need me to feed them and didn't rub their food on me!

I learned so much from the speakers and from the breakout sessions! I loved hearing Angie Smith, Vicky Courtney and my favorite Priscilla Shirer speak! 

Me and Julie
Me and Rachel.

The End. 

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The Huffmans said...

Such a great weekend! So glad we got to experience it together!