Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lucy Speaks...

I got on to Lucy for leaving some little toys out where Henry could get them. I might be a little dramatic but I told her if he eats them then HE WILL CHOKE AND HE WILL DIE! After saying this she responded, "Whew, that was a close one!"

We were all in the car and Jonathan was driving and Lucy shouted from the back, "Hey Dad, will you give mom a couple of driving lessons."

Jonathan has bringing Lucy to school in the morning. One day last week I picked Lucy up and I asked how she liked going to school  with daddy. She said, "mom, a tractor got in front of us and was going real slow and they threw dirt on my dads car and (then she whispered) my dad said a bad word to them"....
I told Jonathan this story and he said, "I can't believe she would throw me under the bus."

A little boy yelled for Lucy to watch him while Jonathan was droping her off and Lucy watched and yelled back, "you look like a baby." - not in a mean way just a I'm not impressed with you way.

The other day Lucy said, "I don't like FREAKY boys, I like Cute boys." I told her 1. Don't say Freaky. 2. Don't like boys at all.

The End.


Audrey said...

Love the updates! Lila always gets on to Aaron when he doesn't use his blinker. Got to love those toddlers that "know it all"!


So Funny!!! Lucy is a hoot and her mama has a great way of relating her stories. Humor is so important in child-rearing!!