Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rhea Lana

This year was my first time to participate in the rhea lana sale. I have been cleaning out baby things as we out grow them and decided to consign just a few! It feels good to get this stuff out of my house, make a little more money then I would if I had consigned at a store, and to get to shop early at the sale.  

Here are a few of my finds...
1 janie and jack outfit
1 gorman and sons jacket
1 bailey boys white peter pan collar shirt
1 orient expressed khaki overalls
1 zu short all
1 anavini short all
1 leather sandles

3 Kelly kids dresses
1 Lily Pulitzer pants
1 gymboree sweat suit- $2.50
1 tea romper
1 juicy couture sweat suit.
1 gymboree bathing suit- $2

I also bout a tube the kids can crawl through, a v-tech turtle toy, a push walker, a penguin punching bag, and  three puzzles.

On all this stuff I spent a little under $100. That's a good deal if you ask me!

The End.

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