Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 months

 Date:  March 8, 2013

Age: 10 Months

Weight: 20 pounds

Length: last measured at 9 months 30"

Head: 17.75 inches (25-50%) last measurement

Clothes: You wear anything from a 12 to 24 month. You are very long but still so skinny! 

Schedule: Wake at 6:30. Eat. Play. Nap at 9-11. Eat. Play. Nap 1-3. Eat. Play. Bed at 5. 

Menu: You love to eat. You eat everything. you eat 3 meals a day. It is your favorite time of day.  

Temperament/Personality: You are happy happy happy. You love to be held and loved on.  

Likes: You love to eat. You love to take a bath.  

Dislikes: You don't like it when I put you down to do things. 

Happenings: You are still pulling up on everything. You have started letting go and standing on your own. You haven't tried to walk yet but I think you are close. You are still talking. A lot of mama, dada and EEEE (eat). We think you are a genius. 

Outings: You love to go! 

Dr. Report:   You are a healthy little boy. 

Note From Mommy:
You are my sunshine. Please quit growing up so fast! Mommy is actively planning your 1st birthday party!

The End. 

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