Monday, March 4, 2013


Sunday morning Henry got up at 5:30. I got up, fed him and then decided I would get ready for church. I showered, did my hair and makeup and then ironed our clothes. At 7, I went upstairs to get both the kids in the bath. (We usually bathe at night but we didn't the night before) I got Henry in the bath first and while the water was draining I went to get Lucy out of bed. I picked her up and she said, "My tummy hurts, I just need to lay down for a minute." Lucy has never in her life asked to lay down. I should have know then. I put her down and got her undressed and then got Henry out of the tub and Lucy ran to Henry's room (Lucy's room and Henry's room are connected by a jack n jill bath) I heard her say, "Oh no! I'm going to be sick." She then started dry heaving over my white glider in Henry's room! I got a trash can and got her in the bathroom. She laid in bed until noon. I'm happy to say she feels a lot better now. I just wish I would have known that we weren't going to church before I ironed! 

So Sunday we spent the day in our pajamas. 
 and our diapers

The End.

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