Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Potty Story.. minus the potty.

My dogs are 75% outside dogs. This started this week. This week they have either been sick or having trouble controlling their bodily functions in my house. So they have been moved outside. I clean up too much poop and I can't clean up anymore! So I told Lucy to leave the dogs outside they aren't allowed inside anymore until I decide it's time.

This story gets better....

Henry did not poop today. He is a big pooper, which I know he will appreciate me writing on the internet when he is older. I gave him a bath and put him down to get his pj's. He loves to crawl away from me when I'm trying to get him dressed. Well naked Henry crawled away. Naked Henry stopped to smile. Stopped to look at me. Stopped to look at his sister. Then made a little face and crawled away.... He left a little surprise for me on the carpet. It was an easy clean.

Lucy looked terrified. She looked at me and said, "Oh Please Mom! don't make him go live outside!!"

I told her we would give him a second chance.

The End.

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