Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy First Birthday Henry!!

On the day that you were born not only was my family complete but my life as well. If you were the last thing I ever did or ever experienced then it would be a full life. Henry you are the love of my life (tied with you daddy and sister). This past year has been the greatest. I thought it would be difficult to have a newborn and a four year old but you have been the best baby. You love your sister more than anyone else. You light up when you see her but who doesn't!! 

You are a very content little boy. You are generally happy. You like to play by yourself. You like to watch your sister. Your sister is pretty mean to you. Sometimes she will run and tackle you from the other side of the room, or take your toys, or just poke at you and you just laugh and laugh. You love to eat. Sometimes I just feed you until it is time to go to bed. You happily oblige. 
I worry about you and pray for you daily. You are so sweet. You have a tender little heart and you get your feelings hurt if you think you are being ignored.  I pray for your future wife. I pray that SHE LOVES YOU AS MUCH AS I DO! I pray that you love Jesus. I pray that you are happy. I pray that you are hardworking. I pray that we teach you to be a righteous Godly man. 
My only goal for you my sweet little son is that you Love the Lord and become his follower. This is what I consider a successful life. A life with Jesus is everything. 
Happy Birthday to you, My Love, My Henry. 

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