Sunday, May 5, 2013

Henry's First Birthday Party!!

Saturday, May 4 we celebrated Henry's First Birthday with Family and Friends at our house. Henry turns 1 on May 8 so expect some sappy posts from this mama as I mourn the baby days. 

We celebrated with a circus theme party. 

The wreath I made. Expect to see it again around Football season and Christmas. 
 The upstairs was blocked off but since it is the first thing you see when you enter I wanted to do a little something to it. Poms are the easiest decoration!
 I'd like to say I always have pictures of my children here but I don't. I was framing pictures at the last minute. I told my mom earlier in the week I don't really clean my house I just stage it.
 The Foyer opens up to our formal living and dining room. I had a Happy Birthday to you by Dr. Seuss book for people to sign for Henry. I also displayed pictures of the kids in their birthday outfits and an invitation. The Elephants are decorations from Henry's room.

 The formal living room housed our backdrop and circus props.

 Favor table and more pictures.
 The giant H above the fireplace.
 Lucy and I made this out of tissue paper. I was trying to hide the fact that my mantle is bare. I haven't found anything big enough that I love to display yet.
 Monthly pictures.

 Me and my sweet boy.

 The pre-dinner spread.

 The Dessert table.

 There are cookies under the tinfoil. Obviously, I should be a party photographer.

 The drink table. I served lemonade, water and Capri suns for the kids. For adults, I made Sangria, served wine and beer.

 The Bost with all of their grandbabies.
 Cookie and Henry
 Papaw and Harper

 Me and my sweet sister.

 Party Planning Tip #1- Get a bubble machine. The kids loved it!

 The Cake was my favorite party. Not only did he dig into it all the other kids did as well!!

 My favorite part of a birthday party is when the kid blows out his candle. I always wanted to help that kid. So after we sang to Henry I lit candles for all the big kids and they got a turn blowing out a candle too.
 I'm afraid Henry would have eaten this entire cake. He absolutely loved it. He got so mad when I took it away from him.
After the cake, we hit the pinata. It's just not a party without a pinata!

 I made everyone do the photo booth before they left.

Rachel and Emily.

 The Huffman Family. Julie, Chad, Mabry and Clark.
 The Kelso Family. Pam, Paxton, Grayer and Hayes.
 Lucy and Asher.

 Putting the pinata on Asher's head.
It was a Happy Birthday Party. I'd like to say Henry had a blast but poor baby is battling a double ear infection and you could tell he really didn't feel good.

The End.

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Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Henry! I can't believe you are already 1 yr old! It looks like you had a fun party surrounded by family and friends.

Tell your mommy to keep up the good work! We enjoy seeing all of the pictures.

The AR Cobles