Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Week.

This week we are busy with swim lessons. I am very impressed with Lucy's swimming ability. I'm busy researching places to take year round swim lessons for next year. I'm trying not to load Lucy up with too many activities but I'd like her to do soccer, swim lessons and maybe dance next year. And church choir. Is that too many activities? 

My messy kids. 
Actually I think Henry may have a type- A gene. Today I said I needed to put up my shoes and when I went to my closet he followed me carrying another pair of shoes. Also at dinner, he finished his yogurt and stuffed all his leftover chicken in the carton. Lastly, he cleans up his blocks! Lucy has never once cleaned up after herself. Maybe she can pay her brother to clean up her room. That's what I did growing up!

The End. 

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