Sunday, July 7, 2013

Arkadelphia, Fourth of July!

 We had a great time in Arkadelphia this past weekend. We packed up on Wednesday night and got to spend 4 nights with Jonathan's parents and three days out on the lake! We had a blast and so did the kids! Lucy had so much fun that we just left her there. Henry is not too sure what to do without his sister.

Me and Henry. 
Henry loved the boat but hated his life jacket!

 This was Henry's normal while at the lake. Every time the boat would start he would pass out.
 Lucy and Daddy 
 Lucy and Papaw
 Lucy, Papaw and Henry. 
Henry was mad because he wanted to drive the boat. 
 Lucy's cookie took her out to Atwoods to pick out her birthday present. She came home with a pink cowboy hat and pink cowboy boots!
 Papaw's cows. 
 Lucy and Jonathan riding Uncle Dennis' four wheeler.
 Henry and Papaw.
 Mommy and Lucy on the tube. Lucy likes to tube as much as I do!

 Henry napping
 Watching the fish tank at Mamaw Vel and Papaw Wayne's house. 

 Out on the boat again
 Lucy and Cookie. 
 DeGray Lake. 
 Mommy and Henry. 
The boat will just wear a fellow out!
The End. 

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