Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm excited to link up again with the girls of 5 on Friday! I think this is such a fun link party and it is giving me a blog routine! I just love routine... This is my third time to participate  Last week I participated but forgot to link up! So if you want to see some of my thrifting finds and other random things please click on the HERE!

-5 on Friday-

I gave my explanation on why I quit Facebook yesterday. To read that post Click here!


The stomach bug has hit our house and has gotten to all of us except Jonathan. Hopefully, he avoids it. But on a happy note, I tried a new homemade chicken noodle soup recipe and it was delicious! Thank you Simply Scratch for the recipe

Dillard's had a huge sale last week. I bought out the men's department for Jonathan. They were having an additional 40% off an already 65% off merchandise. I bought some pajamas for me too! The man salesman checking me out said, "Do you want these pajamas too?" I guess I felt the need not only to justify the pajamas to myself but to the salesman too. My response, "Yes, I think I need new pajamas because I am still wearing my nursing pajamas and my baby is 16 months old and I actually quit nursing him 7 months ago, so..." Sometimes I catch myself giving too much information and sometimes I don't.

Lucy is a sleep walker. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that online before. I'm hoping she outgrows it sooner than later. Sometimes it's funny to see her come down the stairs and wonder around and sometimes it's not funny and more scary. 

The Texas State Fair starts Saturday. I'm hoping to go this year. I'm also making a must see Dallas-North Texas Fall Bucket List. I'll let you know what's on it after I start it!

The End. 


Rebecca Jo said...

NO!!! The stomach flu starting already - freaks me out!!! Hope it gets squished soon!

Facebook doesn't hold the appeal as it once did ...

Ashley Brickner said...

Too funny, I was telling my husband that Facebook is in my top 5 pet peeves! It drives me crazy!

First time by the blog,