Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

This is my first time to do a Five on Friday. I'm excited to link up with the girls who put this on!

1. Blueberry Coffee.
 It's everything I have ever wanted coffee to be! I'm serious. I jump up at the first beep of my alarm to make my coffee. I haven't been able to find it in stores but I ordered it here!

2. Facebook
 I quit Facebook! I'm going to do a post about all the reason why I think Facebook was bad for me later in the week. But it feels so freeing not to be sucked in anymore!
This is how much I like facebook, I didn't even care to find a complete image of it's logo. .

                                                                      3. Denim Jacket
Sheaffer, from Pinterest Told Me To, has been talking about this "Must Have" Denim Jacket. I kept writing her off because 1. It's hot in Texas 2. How can a jean jacket be so cool? Well I saw it in person and I am obsessed! I'm trying to decide which wash I want. I'm leaning towards the two in the middle.
Image from
4. Thrifting
I've been thrifting and I love it! I've found some incredible things. More posts on this later. The Ladies of Frisco give away some really AWESOME things!

5. Routine
I'm so happy that School has started. When School starts my whole world makes sense! I think it is the routine. I love a routine. My kids thrive on a routine. We have an activity everyday except Thursday. 

The End. 

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Sarah said...

Hi Mary! I just hopped over from the 5onFriday link up and thought it was random you posted about that coffee. I literally just saw that yesterday at the store and wondered how it was! And good for you for quitting facebook... I really have been on there less and less and should probably just pull the plug too.

Anyway, hope you'll join us for the link party next week about your thoughts on your children in the future. It will be one to look back at someday and see if you were right about little Lucy and Henry!

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