Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why I Quit Facebook.

Put on some shoes, I may step on some toes.

|5 reasons|
-Why I Quit Facebook-

apparently I'm a 13 year old girl because Facebook made me as insecure as a junior higher. I would post a cute picture of my kids, and let's face it-They are cute!, and I wouldn't get the "likes" and "comment's" that I thought it deserved. I based my worth on the comments from people I use to know. I would take a picture with my camera and think, "Oh wow, I look skinny, I'm going to put that on Facebook." I left out the real life to make myself look better. 

I never had the right clothes, purse  neighborhood, husband, vacation or dinner. Everything I was doing was different than the "norm". I wanted what these other people had and what I had just wasn't good enough.

 In reality, it's just stuff and I could use a lot less of it! I have a husband who adores me and I think he is pretty perfect too, besides throwing his socks on the floor and leaving monster drinks around the house, we have a great marriage and we love spending time together. As a family, we are perfect. I have the two funniest kids in the land and wouldn't trade them for anything. And they love me and at the end of the day that is all I need. I have a great house that I can't keep clean, a car with four wheels, a collection of purses, awesome family vacations and dinner to eat. 

If I had to hear someone say UGH one more time I was going to die. ( I might be a bit dramatic) Nobody wants to hear it. 

I value people. I value my family and friends. I call my sisters and bff a couple of times a week. Facebook makes it easy to devalue relationships. It strips it down to the surface layer.  Just like an onion I know that the deeper I peel the sweeter it can be, that is the same in friendships. Facebook friends are not "real life friends". I want friends that I can pick up the phone and share a story or two with and them not judge me- through the good, the bad and the ugly- I know they will be there, usually laughing all the way. 

{I don't know if that onion analogy is true but let's assume that it is}

-need for mystery-
I don't want everyone all up in my business.... I don't want to be all up in your business... 

Let's be mysterious people! 

You could argue that I write everything down on a blog for everyone to see and you would be right... I'm trying to figure that out. 

-role model-
I need to be a role model for my kids. If I'm only showing the world the untrue best side of me and I'm getting my self worth from how many likes I'm getting, they are going to recognize that and they might do the same. I don't want to see Lucy on facebook saying oh no, I only got three likes and two friend requests... nobody likes me....

 I want to teach my kids about real relationships and that you have to put time into them. Real friendships aren't instant or a click away. 

Conversations should be had in person or at least over the phone. If you have more than yes or no to say to someone don't text them. (i'm anti-text message conversations too, they are lazy, pick up your phone)

I don't want my kids to think other people are more important than them. When I was on Facebook I needed to see what was happening, I would read Facebook during the middle of night breastfeeding sessions when I should have been memorizing my infant's face ( I know, I know, breastfeeding is so boring, what else are you to do..), and when we were playing outside I would be checking my phone to see what was happening on the old FB or even better taking a picture of my kids to put on the FB to show everyone how wonderful of a mom I was.  I don't want my kids to think they are less important than anything in my life. 

Will I get back on, I don't know. I'm sure at some point my kids will want to join and I will be their first friend... 
I'm a lot happier now that I'm not comparing myself to others and not hearing the word UGH. Seriously, nobody says that in real life don't say it online... 

The End. 

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Emily said...

This post was awesome! I feel the same way about so many things, however, about talking on the phone.. I get very shy and nervous when I am on the phone and I start jabbering and say the wrong thing. I just know on text or message on FB I feel like I have time to think about what I want to say and I can erase and retype what I want to say and I can't on the phone... lol! But I also don't have any "close" friends that I talk to either. (I hate being shy!!!) But great post.. I wish I could get up enough courage to quit also.