Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1/31- A Day at Home

I'm joining The Nester for her 31 Days series. I'm hoping this will challenge me to blog more! I've always enjoyed blogging but lately haven't been very motivated to write lately. Mostly I blog about my kids BUT FOR THE NEXT THIRTY-ONE DAYS I"LL BE BLOGGING ABOUT ME AND MORE SPECIFICALLY ME GETTING DRESSED. I knew if I was going to participate my topic needed to be something already in my routine- Guess what? I get dressed everyday! Unless I don't... 

Hopefully, this isn't 31 days of me in my sweatpants...

 As a mom of two, getting dressed is not top on my priority list. So, Here's the deal,  I'm trying to not only get dressed but dressed up. You know- clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup and, the most important thing, lipstick! Not just my sweatpants.... Again, I'm really going to try not to show you a picture of me in my sweatpants-which I do love... 
Just so you don't think I'm dissing sweatpants I'm not. I love mine. My husband teases me that I wear four outfits a day: My workout clothes, my real clothes, my sweatpants and my pajamas. He would be right...but don't tell him. Sometimes I skip my sweatpants and go straight for my pajamas. 

Day 1: A day at Home

Tuesday and Thursday's are our days at home. The only thing I have to leave the house for today is Lucy's soccer practice. We usually clean the house and play outside on Tuesdays. I also finish up my bible study before tomorrow's class. So there's not really any real reason to "get dressed" but I do it anyway. 

I feel ready to start my day when I am showered and dressed. (Being dressed including hair and makeup) It doesn't have to be a fancy outfit (example-today's outfit), name brand, or the latest trend. I like to wear things that are comfortable, that fit, I can move around and get my mommy-on and that don't make me look homeless if I have to make a quick trip to the wal-mart. 

(I know it's fall but it is HOT in TEXAS! Since Temperatures are still in the 90's you will see some leg)

(I don't know what to do with my hands- ricky bobby)
 3/4 length shirt-Gap
Shorts- Ralph Lauren
 I had to include this- Lucy and I doing our best not impressed look. 

See, nothing fancy. Some days are fancier than others but the point is to get out get up and get ready. I can conquer the day if I'm prepared for it, for me that involves getting dressed. 

The End. 


Kristin said...

I'm not in Texas, but it was hot on the east coast today, too! I'm not into 85 and shorts in October. :-)

Bella♥Storia said...

Cute striped top! I really need a new shirt like that one as a basic. Still in search!

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