Tuesday, October 22, 2013

22/31-Snow Cone

Yesterday was not an eventful day. I'm trying to recover from my trip so there was a lot of cleaning and laundry doing. Lucy had school and Henry napped. On our way home from school we stopped for a snow cone at my favorite snow cone joint, Bahama Bucks. The kids almost enjoy it as much as I do. 

Day 22/31- snow cone
I'm loving my new jean jacket. I've been in search of one since I saw the one on Pinteresttoldmeto. She convinced me I needed a new fitted jean jacket. She was right, I kept trying to wear my old one but it was way to bulky.  I was waiting for the kut the kloth one to go on sale. So to my surprise I was shopping at the thrift store and ran into this one and here's the best part it was $4. 

My kids getting ready for their snow cone!

The End. 

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