Thursday, October 24, 2013


Day 22- Tuesday Errands

We've had a very busy week. Tuesday was a day of errands. The kids and I took Jonathan's truck to get the oil changed. While we were at the Mr  Clean for the oil we got his truck washed and detailed we walked over to a little pumpkin patch. (Or a pumpkin stand) The kids loved the pumpkin patch, especially the ducks and rabbits. Henry's new word is duck. If you ask him what a duck says he yells, "Duck, Duck". After the carwash/oil change we went to the wal-mart to buy our two weeks worth of groceries. After we dropped the groceries off at the house we ran by sonic for dinner and on to soccer practice.  (we never eat, and we never eat fast food for dinner! (unless you count chickfila as fast food, and we only do that once a month)  

This is my favorite new cardigan. It's a bobeau and it's so soft. It was brand new at the thrift shop for $3. 

This is Henry. He looks precious in overalls!
Love the way this closes!

The car wash has a neat soap gun that the kids could shoot at the cars.
My meal planning and grocery list. 

The End. 

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