Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 years. 4 months

5 years 4 months

Lucy you are growing up too fast. Please stop! 
Weight-48 lbs (90%)
Height- 3'9 1/4"(90%)

- You are so smart you are constantly sounding out and writing words. 

-You love to read books. You have started reading some Bob Books on your own. 

- You love to be read to, we started the Harry Potter Series last week. I love the questions you ask. 

- You always say the funniest things. You prayed tonight and said, "God I can't wait to live with you in Heaven when I'm an old grandma."

- When you pray you always say, "Thank you God for putting Jesus on the cross." It makes me cry every time. I love that you heart is so soft and open. 

-You loved soccer season! You were the best at defense but I think what you loved most of all was being on a team and running with a group of girls. We signed you up for indoor soccer season because you loved it so much!

-You are a big helper. 

- You love to eat almost as much as you love to cook. 

-You love school and you love all your new friends. We've already been to 4 birthday parties this year! 

-You constantly tell me you don't want to have kids because you don't want to turn into an old grandma. I told you that Cookie and Mana love being Grandma's and you said, "Mom, don't call them grandma's to their face that will hurt their feelings." 

There's more. But your mom is getting old and can't remember as well as she use too. 

The End. 

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Love these pictures, your writing and all of you!!