Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas House Tour

Welcome to our Christmas Home! 
This is our second Christmas in our new house in Texas. 
This year I went all out and decorated the whole house. Last year, I was still in survival mode with a new baby and new house, I was lucky that I got the tree up. This year I've had more fun decorating and putting things together!

My Kids. 

 Front Door Wreath.
(I made this at a wreath making girls night)

 My Front door trees made out of garland, lights and a tomato cage. I have one on each side of the door.

 When you enter the formal living room (or as my kids call it the wrestling room) is on the right.
(I found the tree at a thrift shop for $15, it's a 9.5' tree)
 To the left is our study. I did a cowboy tree.

 As you walk in you are greeted by the festive stairs.

 Nativity set with some new characters...
 This is my collection of broken people I need to glue together.. casualties of kids..
 If you were to walk under the stairs you would enter our den. This is where we spend the majority of our family time.
 My little bit of Texas..

 The mantle.

 The Den opens up to the kitchen, where I have just a few Christmas decoration. By the time I got to the kitchen I was tired and decided I already had enough to clean up.
 Our Elf, Santa Elf, enjoying some tea.
 Up the stairs you enter the playroom.

Keeping it real... Our playroom is always a disaster. We'll come back to it.
 Off the playroom is Henry's room.
 I put a small tree in each kids room.
 I decorated Henry's with things that I had leftover from his First Birthday Party. The red garland was used on his highchair, the clown's were toppers from his cupcakes, the number 1 was on a wreath and the hat was used during his newborn pictures.
 I'm not big on Christmas outfits because it's so limited to the season but of course I have a few so we are rotating between 5 outfits.
 Lucy's room.
 Lucy's tree.

 Lucy's outfits that we are rotating.
 Back to the playroom. The playroom tree.

 And my favorite decoration is in our downstairs guest bathroom.
 My hand tree.

 Look at Lucy's growth.
 This year I added the dogs footprint to the tree.


 Merry Christmas!
The End.


Cari said...

Stopping by from the KK linkup! I love all your decorations, especially all the mesh! I want to make a mesh garland for my staircase next year but just used some garland I already had this year. Merry Christmas!

Renae said...

Beautiful home and I loved how you decorated the stairs through out your house.