Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Review

Friday the Kids got up and got dressed. Lucy for school and Henry to go to church with me. 
My new date pants. I love these pants. They are just like sweat pants but fabulous enough to wear on a sushi date. This was before the skunk incident. (After de-skunking the dog I put these back on and we did indeed go for sushi)
After we de-skunked the house we watched the kids play on the swing set. Lucy had a soccer game earlier that morning. The kids were exhausted and were in bed by 5:30. Which is pretty normal for a weeknight but not the weekend. 
I finally put my Christmas cards on a binder ring to have all of them together. I put them in my bible bag and plan to pray over all our family and friends throughout the year. 
Lucy and Henry ready for church. 
Me and my love ready for church. 

The End. 

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