Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phone Purge

I know I just made a dramatic statement about no more pictures of my kids but maybe what I meant to say was no more details of their lives. There will still be pics but they will be limited!

Here are some sweet pics off of my phone.

Lucy's Valentine party!
(Here dress has hearts on it. Not festive but holiday appropriate)

My sweet two!

I brought the kids to the dr. and said Lets get a picture. Henry insisted that Princess Aurora was Aunt Lala. 

Lucy went the cutest pj and pancake birthday party!

Wacky Wednesday

Lucy earned $20 by selling some of old toys at rhea lana. We searched high and low for this Elsa doll.

My sweet two.

Planning activities for the Bullington/Coble/Bost spring break trip!! Dallas 2014!

Can you spot Henry.

We loaded the stroller to Manna's house last week.

I have been packing Jonathan a lunch for work because traffic is so bad by his office this has been easier on him. His new coworkers have been teasing him because it resembles a kids lunch-sandwich,Cheetos,apples,and oreos.  This morning I wrote him a love note!

Speaking of love notes. I ripped,my sports bra while working out this morning! Must be my big muscles. Definitely not dry rot!

The End.

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