Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Saturday June 21 we had to put our beloved Whitney to sleep. She was 11 yeas old. Its an adjustment to our family. She was a constant fixture in our lives.

I was cooking tonight and really missed her. She would always join me in the kitchen. More in the way but I missed running into her.

Our neighbors dog started barking today and Whitney would always run outside to bark at her. She wasn't there today...

My sweet Henry keeps walking around looking for her. "Where's Whitney? Where'd Whitney go?"

She was a good old dog. If she could talk she would say, " I love you! I give presents to the world! I give presents to everyone."

The End.

3 to 5 Things

1. Henry's recovery has been amazing. He was instantly well out of the hospital...
2. Until night 5. Night 5 he did not sleep. He didn't want me to hold him. He just wanted to stand right next to me and scream as loud as he could.
3. Day 6 was the same as night 5. Terrible. 
4. When he wasn't screaming at me he was watching Thomas the train. 
5. We survived day 7. I think we've hit the peak and are on our way down. Now he will let me hold him while he yells at me.

Bonus story. I woke up at three. Jonathan was up. I said," hey are you up?" Next thing I knew someone ran into our room and yelled, "mama." It was Henry. Out of his crib. Out of his room. Down the stairs. And into our bedroom. Next thing he said was "watch tv? Thomas the train?"

The End

Friday, June 20, 2014


We had an amazing beach vacation last week! I'm having a hard time returning back to reality. It was so nice to be unplugged from the world with my favorite people! I'm going through the 1200 pics and plan to blog more about it or I'm making a photo book!

The End.

The Airport

Good Days/Bad moments

We've had a few good day with a few bad moments. Henry has done much better off of his narcotic, which made him crazy! Thanks for everyone who has helped and prayed for Henry!
Big thanks to cookie for entertaining Lucy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Henry's tonsils

Sweet Henry had his tonsils and androids removed this morning. There was no way to prepare this sweet boy for surgery so we didn't. He thought we were going to ride an airplane. He did great pre/during/post surgery. I'm proud of him. Today's gone better than I anticipated. Hopefully we will be released from the hospital soon and home for full recovery!

Thank you to cookie for entertaining Lucy and Manna for entertaining me! Also, thank you to all my family and sweet friends who have called and texted. Please pray for quick healing and recovery.

The End.

Monday, June 2, 2014

First week of summer

Week 1 of summer has been a blast! We've played with friends at the local trampoline park twice, had friends to over to play and made a trip to cabelas to see the fish! 

Henry grabbed my purse and frantically searched for something. He pulled out my phone and said,"take picture." So of course I took us picture with the fish.

The End.