Tuesday, June 24, 2014

3 to 5 Things

1. Henry's recovery has been amazing. He was instantly well out of the hospital...
2. Until night 5. Night 5 he did not sleep. He didn't want me to hold him. He just wanted to stand right next to me and scream as loud as he could.
3. Day 6 was the same as night 5. Terrible. 
4. When he wasn't screaming at me he was watching Thomas the train. 
5. We survived day 7. I think we've hit the peak and are on our way down. Now he will let me hold him while he yells at me.

Bonus story. I woke up at three. Jonathan was up. I said," hey are you up?" Next thing I knew someone ran into our room and yelled, "mama." It was Henry. Out of his crib. Out of his room. Down the stairs. And into our bedroom. Next thing he said was "watch tv? Thomas the train?"

The End

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