Friday, August 29, 2014

Our New Routine.

Now that school has begun, we have started to settle into our new routine. Our new routine begins with earlier wake up times for all of us and to be really honest it is wearing me out!! But with earlier starts comes earlier bed times for all of us. 

My morning started at 4:45 with the sounding of my alarm. I got up and got dressed for my run. I actually popped out of bed because I was so excited to try out my new running shoes!
 I ran 5 miles. You can tell that mile 5 was rough but the more I do it the faster and more routine it will become. 
Miles 5.01
Duration 50:55
Min/mil 10:10
Calories 569

 After my run I was raptured....
 Actually, that isn't true. I got dressed and had breakfast with this cutie. Her new wake up time is 6:15. That gives us enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast, hair/teeth/shoes and a little bit of minecraft time before we have to leave. 
 We had our coffee together. Lucy had hot chocolate. 

 Ready to walk to school. 
 After Lucy is at school this little guy and I have some play time. 
 We have time for play dates and lunch with wonderful friends. 
 Yesterday, my sweet friend Morgan watched Henry so I could run to Lucy's school and do some volunteer work. After two hours of working at school I picked this guy up and we ran home to pick Lucy up from school. 
 This guy loves to walk to get sister. 

 This little girl does not love that we pick her up. She would rather just walk home herself. 
 The kids have play time. 
 They have a little tv time while I get dinner ready. Usually, they would eat around 4:45-5:15. Then we would do baths and then bed. I like for them to be in bed by 5:30-6:00. But on Thursdays we have soccer practice and it makes for a late night. We aren't home until 7:30. 

 Henry plays at the park while sister practices. Daddy met us at soccer so I could trade cars and go to meet the teacher night at Henry's school. I should have brought Henry but 7:00 is like midnight to this kid and I knew it wouldn't be pretty. 
 Bath and Bed at 7:45. This is late for us. After the kids were in their own beds I went to sleep at 9. 

This week has worn me out! I keep telling myself that it takes 21 days to establish a new routine so 16 more days to go! 

The End. 

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