Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Because We Love To Laugh

Story #1
The morning after surgery Jonathan got to thinking, " the Dr said the surgery could affect my memory. (Cuts eyes to side and thinks for 3-5 seconds) Nope, I remember everything I know."
Praise the Lord Pookie Bear!
Story #2
Jonathan has never been good at remembering names. That was my job. Before social events we would practice the names. After surgery he was trying to tell a story about some people and he couldn't remember their names. He looked at me and said, " oh no! They took out half my brain!"
Story #3
Day two post op and he is feeling good and more like himself. He looked at me and said, " mary bear, I think I'm good to go. I thought I'd be with Jesus but I'm feeling good. I think I'll be at work by Monday."
Story #4
This is my favorite thing ever. J stayed home from work on Thursday because he was having back pain. On Friday he had his episode and I sent a note to work saying he wouldn't be in. He was at the hospital having some test run just because I didn't have any details.  That afternoon his buddy showed up with a cookie cake from his team. The inscription said," Buck Up Buttercup!" Which makes me laugh louder and harder than anything else.
Keep praying for Jonathan. We have seen God in all the details. He keeps handing us reminders and flags of don't worry, I've got this! He is in control and I'm so thankful that we don't have to know where we go from here because God does and he's been planning things a lot longer than I have. His plans are perfect.

Fix-it Jesus. God is bigger than this. 

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Jacqueline said...

I need Jonathan to show me how to work this!! I have tried twice to leave a comment. Jonathan is good at teaching older folks how to work their computers. Love you, Jonathan!