Saturday, May 9, 2015

Being Thankful.

I woke up this morning with my heart overjoyed. My spirit is so thankful and I keep thanking God for all of his blessings. Some of the most mundane are what I am most thankful for and will never take for granted again.

1. Whistling
I am thankful for Jonathan's whistling. The man can't walk without whistling.

2. Singing
From the moment he wakes up he sings. His heart and spirit are always happy. When he is in the shower he sings even louder. May it be a reminder to my spirit to be joyful.

3. Questions
From the moment Jonathan wakes up he asks me questions. I get up at 5-5:30 every morning so I can have my quiet time, drink my coffee and wake my soul before my family gets up. I have to. I like quiet mornings. Jonathan wakes up at 100%. So in between whistling and singing, he asks me questions. What did you dream about? Where is my wallet? How do you feel about beards?  Do you think I could fly a helicopter?

4. King Size Bed
When we first got married we slept in a queen size bed and then we upgraded to a king size bed. We went from sleeping all over each other to sleeping on opposite sides of the world. Since Jonathan has been home it's gotten smaller. I've been sleeping in the middle (side thought: the middle of the bed is awesome, it is fresh and new and doesn't have a grove.) of the bed just to be closer to him. But we still have room for babies to get in the bed when they need to be comforted. (Insert Henry last night because he needed his mama-and his trains-and some milk- and his head rubbed-and a piss (a piss is a kiss- I love, love, love when Henry walks up and says Mama, I need to piss you!) all at 2 in the morning)

5. Black Socks
Only those closest to me will understand just how grateful my heart is about this. Jonathan leaves his socks on the floor all the time. You can tell what he has been doing by the trail of the socks. Sometimes I will find them on the couch. Sometimes they will be on the floor. Sometimes they will be on the night stand. Sometimes they will be on the kitchen counter. Sometimes I will find them outside. I've found them in the car, on the stairs, in the bathroom. They used to make me irate. Black Socks were my nemesis. They were everywhere and anywhere. Now my heart is so grateful and thankful for the trail of black socks to my love. I'll follow them anywhere to him. (If you see me throw them at him don't judge me-They are everywhere! But I will do it with a grateful and joyful heart)

Lord, Thank you for waking me with a joyful heart. I love your daily provisions. But more than that I am thankful for your son. In JC's name I pray. Amen

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix-It. 


Molly Bullington said...

Bill Bill, my daddy and your grandaddy, and I were sitting outside one afternoon, when he spotted a single rose. I was amazed at the detail that he could see in that rose! We talked about flowers that we admired from recent and past memories, the people who grew those flowers, and then how that person made us feel. At the end of our conversation daddy said, "if a man has not learned to appreciate the beauty of a flower at my age then he has missed the meaning of life!" Like you, I think he was saying, there is so much to e grateful for in our ordinary day. If you can't appreciate the little things that God gives us, we will miss the miracles. Praying for you and Jonathan !

Unknown said...

Beautiful perspective, my friend. Dave has a similar black sock habit to Jonathon! Reading this now reminds me to appreciate those black socks lying all around. Along with all of the other things that can sometimes make me crazy (toys, cups, forks, so many random things lying about around here) but are beautiful reminders of life lived all around me. Choosing gratitude with you today and always praying for your family. I just love the way you are walking so faithfully through this story He is authoring. He is building His Kingdom through your precious family. It's an honor to pray for you all. Trusting Him for continued grace and complete healing.

Unknown said...
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