Thursday, May 14, 2015

#BuckupButtercup #TeamJonathan

Seriously, Can we make this a thing? 

I keep forgetting that our Cancer Journey has just started. (Yes, our cancer journey. This is just as much my cancer as it is Jonathan's. That man is my earthly world.) 

What means the most to me are the people who have said, "We are in this with you. We will pray until the end." That means the world to me because we are in it to win it.  And it is hard. And it could get ugly. 

My friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and even strangers have rallied with us and have been at God's thrown with us everyday. Jesus is going to be so tired of #teamjonathan that he is just going to have to fix him just so he can get some other stuff done! (I know that isn't how it works but it is the funniest mental picture- Jesus throwing up his hands and saying, "I overcame the world but #teamjonathan is driving me cray.")

I'd love to see your picture with a #BuckupButtercup #teamjonathan sign. I know so many of you are praying for and I want to say thank you. We read all of the messages, comments, emails, text and cards.

Send us your picture. Brain Cancer... Now you have to. You can facebook message them through the Trust Without Borders Site, facebook message them to me, social media tag me, Instagram, twitter, or email (

Pictures can include but are not limited to- your family, your kids, your dog, your favorite houseplant... Most creative will get 10 points. Points add up but have no monetary value.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix-it. 

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