Monday, May 11, 2015

Future Plans

I'm going to be honest. I can't see past today. I haven't been able to look at my calender. I can't make future plans. Every morning, I wake up and throw God my white surrender flag. "Here you go God, I don't want to be in charge. I'm giving it to you." Then I ask Him to "Meet my needs for the day. Lord, I don't even know my needs right now, but please give us what we need to make it through the day."

 (Yesterday we went to church and were loved on by our friends. 
It felt good to do normal when things aren't normal)

Two Things I do know about the Future.

Jonathan is going to work today. That is a miracle.. Two weeks ago, I prayed that his surgery wouldn't damage his memory, his speech, or his functions. And today he is going to work. Thank you God.

May 20- We meet our oncologist. We will start treatment after that. I don't know what our treatment will be because I'm not a doctor. I've heard radiation. I've heard Chemo. I've heard radiation and Chemo. I'm thankful that God made people smart enough to know what to do because right now I'm overwhelmed with the information.

Helpful Hint- Stay off the google. There hasn't been a point that I have turned to google to answer my questions. If I feel worried, I open my bible. Start in Psalms.

God is Bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix-It. 

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