Tuesday, May 12, 2015

He meets my needs.

I'm going to be honest. Yesterday was hard on me. Yes, I threw God my surrender flag and I asked him to meet my daily needs. And he did. But yesterday was also the first day that Jonathan has been out of my sight in the past two weeks. I've been there. What if he needs me? What if he has another episode? What if I'm the only person who knows how to dial 911? What if he's alone? That is fear. That is worry. That is Satan. Again, I picked up my flag and I handed it to God. "Take it from me Lord, keep me calm and a little busy today. And he did. I'm so thankful.

God through out my day
1. I dropped Henry off at school and ran into a friend from bible study. God knew I needed a hug. Thank you, God.

2. My mom called and said she didn't have any plans that day and she wanted to spend it with me.
Thank you, God.

3. As mom and I were driving to our first stop we ran into the neighborhood landscape people and they were digging up perennials flowers and planting annuals. We asked what they were doing with the perennials and they said they were going to compost them. So we loaded those suckers up in the back of the car and brought them home. (pic below after manna cut them back) Thank you, God.
 4. It was family day at Lucy's school and Mom and I got to have lunch with her and a few friends. Thank you, God.

5. I went by my favorite resale shop and they had a new shipment of brand new boutique dresses for $5-10. I bought a few for the summer. Thank you, God.

6. I  picked up Henry from school and was strapping him into his car seat when someone tapped me on the shoulder and started to introduce herself. Instead of being a normal person and saying Nice to meet you, I screamed at the top of my lungs and bent over in fright. I love a good scare! And I love a new friend! Thank you, God.

7. I was gifted a house cleaner to deep clean my house. Thank you, God.

8. The kids and I planted plants that manna and I had bought earlier that day. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. Thank you, God.

9. We were brought dinner by a friend. Thank you, God. 

10. Jonathan and I crawled into bed that was freshly made with clean sheets. (My favorite thing in the whole world!) Thank you, God. 

Thank you God for meeting my needs and thank you for throwing in a few extras for the day.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix-It.

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