Thursday, May 7, 2015

He's Got This. Texas Edition

Three years ago we started looking for a new job opportunity, Jonathan interviewed in Seattle, Oklahoma and Silicon Valley. Every time he would fly out I would TELL God that was fine but I wasn't going because I wanted to live near family. I was putting constraints on Him. Finally, I surrendered it to God. "Okay God, if you want us to live away from Family then we will live wherever. I trust you." And he moved us to Frisco, Tx.

Jonathan's family lives 4 hours away from us. My sister lived in Atlanta which 14 hours away but we could meet half way between at my parent's house in Baton Rouge. God gave us that and he hasn't stopped there. 

Now that I look back I can see just how much God has this under control. 

1. Our House. 
Three years ago we met with a realtor and I told her if we bought a house that weekend then  30 days later exactly we could move in together and Jonathan could start his job the next day. Perfect planning! That was my plan. We found a house that weekend. We made an offer and they countered and we countered and then they said no and wanted us to counter again. Jonathan and I prayed and said, "No, this doesn't feel right, we're out." That was hard because I knew we would be separated while he started his new job. I would move in with my in-laws with our 4 year old Lucy and our 8 week old Henry. 

Guys, God's plan was so much better and bigger. A week later we met with our realtor and found the house that we currently live in.  We got in a bidding war with another couple, were out bid but still the owners picked us for the house. 

The house that was only a 10 minute drive down the tollway to the hospital. The hospital that Jonathan received the perfect care with the perfect doctors. 

2. Family
One year after living in Texas, we got the call that my parent's would be moving. What? Baton Rouge was the perfect location for me to meet with my sisters. "where are you moving?" God moved them to Frisco, Tx for my dad's new job. They live two streets down the road from us. At the time I told everyone it was because I was their favorite daughter (probably true but don't tell the sisters) but now I can see how much we would need family. I just thought God wanted us to be together. 

3. Neighbor
Our next door neighbor has astrocytoma grade 3 and has for the past 12 years. I text them with all my questions. What are the chances of that? (If anyone else on the street gets it we're going to the city...)

4.  Cancer
Dallas is a great place to have cancer. Only here would we have a Doctor who specializes in Astrocytomas. It's only a 30 minute drive downtown. 

5. Our Pediatrician
I love our Pediatrician. Everything she tells me is gold. We let her in the loop on what was going on and she told my family she would be our medical liaison because she knows all about brain tumors because they run in her family. 

6. Our Church
Stonebrair Community Church. God gave this to us. He put us in the right location to attend the best church and to join the best fellowship class with the nicest people who have loved on us since we found out the news. 

7. Mac N' Cheese
When I got Jonathan home from the hospital I asked him what he wanted to eat.
Jonathan: I really want some mac 'n cheese.
Me: (What are you 3?) Babe, we don't have any mac 'n cheese. 
Jonathan: Oh, well mac 'n cheese sounds really good. 
Me to my family who in the kitchen: Guys, I'm sorry. Jonathan wants mac 'n cheese. Can someone go get him some?
My mom: Weird. And out of a grocery bag she pulls out pre-made mac 'n cheese. 

Guys, God's got this down to the macaroni and cheese! 

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
-Philippians 4:6-7

God's bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix-It. 


Unknown said...

Well I love this about the mac an cheese and it's so funny your Mom had it in the grocery bag - Mom's know what's best. So glad he's home and praying - but you are right you are in a wonderful place for support, medical help and just neighbors all of that is critical to get thru. Still praying and yes God has this. Loving you guys with prayers.

The Nichols
Hopkinsville, KY

lspar002 said...

Thank you for sharing. This blessed me today! God is so, so good to us. I'm praying for your family!

Bentonville, AR

Tamara said...

Praying everyday for you all, Mary. Your faith and strength are inspiring. I'm so glad God blessed you with having your parents close by and Emily on her way. Your entire family truly makes me smile... Always finding the rainbows. Thank you for the courage you display in sharing your journey with this difficult time. You are very much correct, God DOES have this.

Anonymous said...

Marci was telling us about a few of these things at dinner the other night. And I immediately had thought about your parents being there when this all started. God has absolutely gone before and prepared every detail for your family as this is no surprise to him. He was not shaken by this diagnosis, He did not falter or gasp. He simply knelt beside you both and held you tightly, whispering softly in your ear that He is near and He is sufficient. Praying for His continued love letters to appear before you- just like all of the ones you listed, including the Mac & cheese! I love that!

Ann Cooper McCauley said...

Praise God!!! All of this--every word--so awesome.