Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's a thing...

I called "Brain Cancer" and you guys listened! We love seeing these pictures! 
(that's a hint to keep sending them)

Points hold no monetary value. 
I can be bribed for more points. 
Strangers earn more points. 
More points awarded if it makes me laugh out loud. 
More points awarded for the use of Razorbacks and/or my Mom. 

25 points to the cupcake kids-This is what I look like when I eat a cupcake...
20 points- to the crowd. 
(I thought y'all were in a law office but I think it's a church..)
 50 points total. 40 for the razorback. 10 for the best use of cardboard. 
 Two of my favorites- 30 points for best use of a small hat. 

 20 points for most kids in a chair. 
 20 points for awesome smile.
25 points because I don't want to mess with this crew.  
 20 points for being pretty ladies. 
 20 points for being my nephew and another 10 for having the tallest friend!
 30 points to the Wheelis family- Not only do they look pretty but Bonnie (their mama) is the  most loyal friend, prayer warrior, and grace-filled woman I have ever met. She sends me scripture and texts everyday. I'm thankful for her friendship.) (Yes, You can bribe me for more points)
 20 points for centering the sign with the tree. 
The edge of the sign is also parallel with the sidewalk and I love when things align. 

10 points for best smiles and half a lady. 
 20 points for being so pretty. 
 30 points- 15 for the ocean behind you and another 15 for everyone looking at the camera. 
 25 points for Elvis and being so Good Looking
 50 points- Because that's my Mama, Elvis, and my Bff all in one picture. 
 25 points- Emma Grace 
 20 points- I like your shirt/tunic/dress. 
It looks comfortable and soft, which are both qualities I look for in clothes. 
 10 points for regular old kids.
My Bad, they are superheros. 20 points. 
 10 more points for super dogs. 
 20 points- 1. they are cute. 2. I love when brothers match. 

Thank you for sending in your pictures. I love to see the faces of all the people who are praying for my sweet Jonathan. You guys are #teamjonathan. Without you it would just be me and my mom holding a sign. (which really isn't that cool... but she will earn you more points...) I love that you are all at Jesus' feet with us.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. -Philippians 4:6

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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Molly Bullington said...

You are an amazing woman! And you amaze me more each day. I thought I knew you. I thought I knew your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, priorities, needs and wants. But the last few weeks, I believe that I have gotten to see your strengths multiply as you embrace Jonathan's needs, and simultaneously, the changing needs of your family. I am watching you carry a load that would cause most people to buckle under the weight, a load that would cause most to give up, whine, "why me." But not you! You have the strength of a warrior and the heart of your memaw! You are an amazing woman!