Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pray for Today

Today is a big day for us. We have a Dr. appointment at 11 with Jonathan's neurosurgeon and he will tell us the pathology report. I am still standing at God's throne everyday asking him to make this tumor benign and the Dr is taking so long to tell us because he wants to throw a benign party in the office today.

I've had a lot of people say that we are in their thoughts and others say we are in their prayers and some say we are in their thoughts and prayers. We just want to be in your prayers. My thoughts are worthless. When bad things happen I have two thoughts 1. That is the worst thing I have ever heard. 2. I am so glad that didn't happen to me or my family. I can't do anything with that.

We need to be in your prayers. I've been in continuous prayer over this and I'd love for you to join me. Some of you are on your knees now and others may say I don't know what that means. So I'm going to help you.

Hey God,
Mary Bost sent me. Her husband needs your healing. She needs your strength. Her kids need their parents back. She thinks you are big enough to fix this. I don't know about all this Jesus stuff but Mary wants you to keep my heart soft and open to you. She prays in your sons name. I don't get that but I like the peace she has so OK.
thanks/sincerely/with love/see ya/tada/until next time,
(insert your name)
His most precious child and worthy of His creation

But I call to God, and the Lord saves me. 
Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice. 
-Psalm 55:16-17

God is Bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix-It.


Unknown said...

Standing with you in bold prayers for complete healing and supernatural peace as you wait for answers. I'm ready to rejoice with you when you get the all clear report! Praying the Holy Spirit fills that doctor's office to overflowing so that you can feel complete peace as you step inside. I'm sure your knees will be shaking and I know you are weary but I also know that God promises to hold us when we can't stand on our own. Praying He holds you both up as you enter that office today!!! sending much love!!

Dixie said...

I'm new here as of right now and it's an honor and a privilege to pray for your sweet family...
Father we come before You today on behalf of the Bost family. Lord we're asking or a miracle for for this family! Lord we are asking for the 11 appt to go great! We are prayin for a party! Lord. I'm prayin Your peace and love washes over this family. Wrap Your love around them and hold them tight. We Praise and thank You Jesus!

Jenn said...

Lots & lots of prayers for your husband, you, your kids, &your family. Dear Lord & God Almighty please heal this families husband, daddy, & son. They need your help Lord & your healing powers! In Jesus precious name amen.

Kelly’s Korner said...

I've been praying for your family. I prayed last night in the middle of the night and am praying now as it's almost 11.
I'm a friend of Marci's and Elizabeth Smith and Kerry Rateliff. Our entire Sunday School class has been praying for you.