Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Team Jonathan Tuesday

It's that time of week! These pictures are my favorite! Thank you for sending them to me! I love, love, love looking at all of your precious faces with a #buckupbuttercup sign. 

Points hold no monetary value. 
I can be bribed for more points. 
Strangers earn more points. 
More points awarded if it makes me laugh out loud. 
More points awarded for the use of Razorbacks and/or my Mom. 
International pictures automatically get 50 points. 

50 points-  I puffy pink heart your family. 

40 points- look at these faces!
 50- I mean.. they are on vacation... and look at his face. (The kid is cute too)
30 points- a flower headband is not wasted on me. 
An extra 10 points for effort!

A pregnant bride. Elvis. A retro suit. - 50 Points!
(Congratulations on 3 kids and 10 years of marriage!)
 1 million points- My sweet Henry is the giant kid in green! I love his teachers and his school. I can't say enough wonderful things about this program.
 30 points- Because that is the wall... with paint...
 50 points- This makes me want to cry. Thank you, Mauree!
50 points for our first international picture. Seoul, Korea. (Thank you, Crystal Brown!)
20 points for squishy baby
20 points for razorback
10 points for giant bow
Total 100 points.

 10 more for this face.
 40 points- for sneaking a #teamjonathan sign into a picture.
10 points for a clean floor
30 for the cute dog. He means business.
40 points total!
 40 points- My old running partner. Still running! (The only running I do now is to the grocery store.)
 40 point- cute kids and good alignment.

50 points- International picture- Spain
10 points- the ocean
Total 60 points.

This picture has the potential to be a high-pointer. 
1. Razorback in background
2. Cardboard scrap
3. Jonathan's mom
But what they failed to realize is that they are in Fayetteville, Ar. Jonathan and I love Fayetteville. That's where we met, dated, fell in love, were married, and delivered our babies. 
50 points after deductions. 
(If they were eating a Rick's Bakery Razorback Brownie they would be in the negatives)

 40 points- I love bread.
1 million points- Aunt Emily. Aunt Emily packed up her Brooklyn, NY apartment and is on her way to Dallas. She is moving to help fight cancer. Emily is the definition of "Good people":Selfless, smart, energetic, loving. She is also beautiful, 5'11, 13 pounds, has a degree from NYU and a masters from the University of Arkansas, and a job with ESPN. When we aren't fighting cancer in Texas, I'll be looking for her a tall Texan to marry... So she will never move away...
Thank you for sending pictures. I love looking at all of your beautiful faces. It also means more than words that you would take time 1. to pose for the picture 2. think/pray for my husband/family.
(That is a giant hint to Keep Sending #teamjonathan pictures.)

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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