Monday, May 18, 2015

Where O.C.D. meets A.D.D..

Marci: Why do you not mate your socks?
Mary: Because they are not married...
Marci: .... (not amused)

Marci: Mary, you hang your clothes inside out and backwards?
Mary: But you noticed they were hanging, right?
Marci: Where did you learn this?
Mary: Brain Cancer..
Marci: Brain Cancer did not teach you how to do laundry....

Marci: Why do you have  4 year old US weekly magazines in your night stand?
Mary: I'm just glad you didn't find banana peels in there... and I gave up US weekly 2 years ago for Jesus!
Marci: (not impressed) But why are they still in your night stand?

Mary: I am wearing the same panties as I did yesterday but the cool thing is they were in my panty drawer!!!
Marci: That's because I washed them and put them away.
Mary: Are you a magician?

Marci: (picks up a black sock) Are these the infamous black socks?
Mary: Yes.
Marci: Girl, he just needs a little retraining.
Mary: Jonathan doesn't like being told what to do, I just throw out suggestions in his directions and he usually picks up on them. ex: Mary: Oh, wow! The trash is about to topple over! J: Let me take that out!
Marci: (not impressed with our system)

Mary: Let's just move these books into the study closet.
Marci: Does that mean we need to clean the study closet?
Mary: It's a possibility...
Marci: (sees closet) Mary, we are going to have to try a little harder...

Marci is my best friend from Northwest Arkansas. We met in bible study 6 years ago. After bible study one day we decided to go to lunch. Lucy was less than 2 and as we talked over lunched. While we talked Lucy rubbed sour cream all over her face. I remember just talking and talking and Marci just stared at baby Lucy. When I finally realized what Lucy was doing-I laughed, wiped the kid up, and continued talking. Lucy then proceeded to run around the restaurant and I chased her in between talking and eating. But still Marci couldn't resist my crazy and we've been Best Friends since.

We used to talk on the phone twice a day everyday (except weekends because we aren't crazy - and if one of us calls on a weekend then we know something is up!), we traveled to see Beth Moore, we walked almost everyday during her pregnancy, she talked me through my fertility struggle, she helped us move twice in a span of 4 weeks, when I called her with Jonathan's diagnosis she stormed the gates of heaven with me and has stayed there, and when I called her and said I'd like to clean drawers and closets before we started treatment- she said I'll be there and she was.

I asked her to be my sister wife. She declined. But I had it all worked out.
She would be in charge of O.C.D. tasks: cleaning, cooking, laundry. I was also going to give her homework because she is patient and kindergarten erasing makes me unprofessional.
I'd be in charge of gardening, vacations, napping, playing with kids, the social calendar, baths, and sex. All we would need is another sister wife who would be in charge of chauffeuring and book keeping. It would have been great.

Everyone should have a Marci!

(Marci, you should feel loved. I posted a bunch of tired Mary-eye pictures on the internet.)

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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Mary Jane said...

Having a best friend like Marci is wonderful ~ so glad you have her to lean on! Marci, thanks for being a super friend to Mary! Good friends, real friends are a true blessing from God :)