Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Day in the Life: A Walkthrough

Today, I thought I would give you a glimpse of our day. It's our new summer schedule/routine. 

My day begins at 5:15. That is when my first alarm goes off. 
5:15-5:30- This is when I lay in bed and surrender the day to the Lord. I give him the day and lay and listen. Sometimes we sit in silence, sometimes He gives me scripture, sometimes a song, sometimes a person to pray for or contact but it it very important for me to lay in silence before the Lord. 

At 5:30 I get up. I always go straight to the coffee pot. I heart coffee. I like to use the biggest cup setting on my keurig in case you were wondering. After I get my coffee I sit down at the computer. I usually blog. I try to have a post up by 7. 

By 6:00 this guy is up. We like to watch George or Thomas in the morning together.  Sometimes I can read my bible while we watch or we will just snuggle. I love my morning snuggles with this guy. His sister has been taking advantage of summer and sleeping in until at least 7:30.

By 7 Henry likes to get dressed for the day. So we head upstairs and he picks out his clothes. He usually likes to wear a cow shirt (polo). While he picks out clothes I make his bed and fold laundry. I don't mind folding laundry but I hate to put it away... (I did Marci.. I put it away and I mated Lucy's socks)

At 8 I sit and have my breakfast. Green smoothie for the win. Lucy and Henry love these too! My mom takes Jonathan to work in the morning. She picks him up at 8:20.

My mornings are spent with the kids. We try to spend as much time as possible together before I take Jonathan to treatment. Yesterday our activity was the pool with our friends and cousins. My sister is still in town until Saturday. We are trying to soak up as much Coble time as we possibly can!

 This is Lucy doing her Michael Jackson Face. Check out that nose.

We spent the morning at the pool. From 10-1 the kids played with their buddies and I chatted with mine. At 1:00 we headed home so I could shower and get ready to take Jonathan to treatment.

You know what makes a person feel good- A romper. Cute and comfortable.
 I have to leave the house at 2 to pick Jonathan up at 2:30. We leave Jonathan's office at 2:30 and head to downtown Dallas for our 3:10 appointment.
My mom went with us to treatment. I usually drive but this day she drove and it was nice to relax in the back seat.
 Jonathan goes back at 3:10 and I sit in the waiting room. Sometimes I read, Sometimes I talk to whoever is with me, but when Ellen is on I just watch her. For 20 minutes I can forget all about the days stresses because Ellen cracks me up. Jonathan is usually out by 3:30 or 3:40 and we head back home. On Mondays we meet with our Radiologist-oncologist for a brief check up and then head up to do blood work with our Nuero-oncologist. We didn't leave the hospital until 4:20 yesterday.
 We left just in time to hit traffic.

 We arrived home at 5:30. I dropped Jonathan off at the house so he could finish off his work day. I checked the mail to find this sweet package from my sisters BFF and thought it was the perfect shirt to wear everyday! Thank you Cara!
 After checking the mail, I headed to the grocery store. I needed milk for the kids cereal and salad supplies for Jonathan's lunch.

 I was home by 6:20 and our dinner had been delivered. Our class is still delivering meals 3x a week and it has been wonderful.

We played with the Cobles after dinner until 8. After coming back home we bathed, brushed teeth and got into bed. The kids were asleep by 8:30. 8:30 is a late bed time for us. I prefer for them to go to bed at 7:30. But it's summer. YOLO!

After putting the kids to bed I went downstairs. I moved all the laundry baskets off my bed and put them on the floor. One day I will fold all this laundry but for now I will just dig out what I need and pretend like it is not there. (Marci just died)
 That clock by the tv says 9:00. Jonathan usually takes his last does of medicine around this time and while we he sits up for 30 minutes we watch tv. Right now we are watching househunters on netflix. I am usually asleep by the time they show the first house option.

 We go to sleep. 5:15 comes early.

I know this routine is temporary but it is also exhausting. For people who drive in traffic everyday I am sorry. You should be awarded a crown in heaven for your patience. I think it is the equivalent to Hell.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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Anonymous said...

Life is temporary and it can be oh so exhausting. But we have a Savior who parades us through our most difficult moments as the stars of the story of His redemptive love. He parades us through with banners over us that speak of His Love saying "I AM Bigger Than This" and I AM the One Who can Fix It" Thank you for sharing the truth about the ugly ordeal in such a way that it looks beautiful. Blessings to you beyond your wildest imagination as you live in the Light of God's Glory & Grace.