Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happenings This Week.

Time to come clean...

I haven't had any kids at home this week. 
Lucy has been in Atlanta with my sister since Friday. She is having a blast with her cousins and Aunt Laura. Henry left on Monday for Arkadelphia to spend time with Cookie and Papaw. He loves being a farm boy. 
 While the kids have been away I've spent some time alone. I've been going and going that it's been nice to rest and get things done. But I'm ready to have my kids back. I miss them.

Aunt Emily and I went to lunch.
(See pic below) I started doing drugs... Just kidding. I went to the ophthalmologist and had my eyes checked. Turns out I have scars on both eye lens, an astigmatism, and I need glasses. It took two people to get drops in my eyes and they ruled out contacts because I don't like things near my eyes... Also, Jonathan has to hold me down and pull open my eye to put drops in 3x a day. Basically, it's a party at our house. 
 I got to hang out with my friends and all their kids at the pool.
 I received the softest cardigan ever in the mail from a sweet friend. Imagine wearing a cardigan made out of newborn baby hair. That's how it feels not how it looks. That would be gross to wear a hair jacket.... I love it.
 Also, Yesterday we received the news that my Grandmother went to live with Jesus. She was a God loving woman and I can think of no greater reward than Heaven. She will be missed but I'm so thankful that she has already met Jesus face to face and has hugged on my Granddaddy.

  I am leaving this afternoon for North Alabama. I have arranged Mansitters for Jonathan. Thank you friends for loaning out your husbands to hang with Jonathan while I'm gone for 24 hours.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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