Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I need a Favor.

Friends, my heart hurts. There is a girl in need of some mighty big prayers from our mighty big God. 

Lainey Hill is 14 years old. She is an active, beautiful, God loving teenager. This girl gets Jesus.

On May 25 she was admitted to Arkansas Childrens Hospital because she was having seizures and couldn't control the left side of her body. They found a lesion on her brain. 

May 25. Seizure....

On May 26 she had surgery to remove the mass. 

May 26. Surgery...

The pathology reports came back. She has a brain cancer. But not just any type of brain cancer she has glioblastoma grade 4. It is aggressive. 

Glioblastoma. Grade 4. 

The family just got word that they have been accepted into a clinical trial in Dallas. She will start treatments this week or next in Dallas. She will have treatments Monday through Friday and will go home to Arkansas on the weekends- For 10 weeks. She will also have radiation Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. She will have chemo for 2 years. 

Lainey's words (Stolen from her Aunts fb)
Since my cancer is so aggressive my survival rate is very low. The doctors say the median I will live is 1 year. I know the doctors are very smart, but they do not determine my life. My life is in the palms of Gods hands and forever it will remain there! If God gives me me a long life He is good and if God decides to shorten my life He is just as good! As long as I live I will worship and try my hardest to fulfill the mission God has put in my life. As soon as I do die, that is really when I start living! I mean I get to stand before God, walk on streets of gold, and enter the gates of Heaven! Not to mention I'm beyond ready to see that mansion God has made just for me! I can't wait for heaven, and I don't think of dying of a sad thought but an amazing thought!

She is 14. She has aggressive brain cancer. And that is her response.  Glory to God. He is bigger than brain cancer. He is bigger than a brain tumor. He is bigger than a pathology report. He will use this for His Glory.

(This is Lainey two weeks after brain surgery. The doctors said she would not be able to move the left side of her body.)

Will y'all join me in praying for this family?
-Strength and Energy for this family as they travel back and forth.
-Clinical Trial success
-Continue to bring Glory to God through this experience, treatment and encounters.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 


Anonymous said...

You've got it. And #godsgotthis.

Unknown said...

wow. what an amazing young lady. praying for healing and strength!!

DianeTaylor said...

Praying for Lainey! I just followed her on IG, thank you for posting. Praying for team Jonathan too :):) I had a son named Jonathan Paul Daily, he left us unexpectedly 3 years ago at age 24 when his apartment caught fire. He would want me to stop grieving and keep on living in God's grace. Consider me part of team jonathan!!!!

You are in my daily prayers,

xo Diane (Baltimore MD)