Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Review

Friday morning we got up super early for a 6:00 arrival at the local surgery center. Henry was scheduled to receive his second set of tubes. Poor kid has terrible ears. 

 He did great until they took him away from me and then he started yelling, "I want to go back!" Thankfully it is a quick procedure. Our sweet ENT came back to talk to us after the surgery and said that the surgery was a success. Thankfully there was adenoid regrowth and that should be the cause of all the ear infections. So he removed the adenoids for a second time and inserted a new set of tubes. Henry should be good to go until His tubes fall out or his adenoids grow back, which the Dr. said was extremely rare. Hopefully we are done with the ENT, besides regular checkups.

Henry coming off the anesthetics was a little sad/funny. He kept yelling "This is terrible. I want to go home. Get me out of here! I am so sad. This is terrible!"

Recovery has been easier than last year when he had both his tonsils and adnoids removed. Actually, we don't have time to slow down, we just keep on keepin on.

For example, Saturday we took the kids to the pool.

They were actually happy to be there... you can't tell from this pic but they enjoyed themselves.

 Sunday, we wished Daddy a Happy Father's day, we went to church and class, we played at the park, we saw INSIDE OUT, and we ended the day with Dinner together at one of our favorite local restaurants, Sake Toro.

Lucy does fine with noises except at the movie theater....

It was a good weekend. Ready to face a new day today!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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