Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Review

 I don't have anything to talk about but I do have some random pictures on my phone.

Jonathan's parents are here for the week and they are helping out with the chaos that is the Texas-Bost house. David Bost is taking over the driving duties for the week. Becky is watching the kiddos so I can run errands.  It's bad when all you have in your fridge is cream cheese and squash.  I'm taking the week off from treatments to play with the kids also. Henry is having a hard time and needs some mama time/discipline- He loses his mind when he thinks he is in charge. :)

The Cobles left on Saturday but before they left we spent as much time with them as possible.

Splash park/park time.

 Friday, Jonathan had a later radiation time. We decided to make the most out of being at dallas at 5:00 so we had a triple date with the Cobles and my parents. It was our last hoorah before they headed back to Georgia.

Team Jonathan!

 Dinner in Dallas with my love.
 Mary: Hey, take a blurry picture with me!
Jonathan: Okay.
 Mary: Let's take another one just to make sure we got a good one!
Jonathan: Okay...
Me and my sissy. (We missed you emmy.) Real quick lets discuss the romper- There is nothing sassier than a romper. I felt like a mom rockstar! Thanks Dayle for tracking down the cutest romper ever!
On Saturday, a blast from the past showed up at my front door! Elizabeth from Bentonville! It was so fun to catch up, laugh, and pray with you, Elizabeth! Also, Elizabeth showed up looking like a movie star and I had on my pajamas and bed hair...
 Yesterday I had a Dr. Appt and needed to run errands. Before I went to the store I stopped by our Sunday schools group swim party to say hi to all my people. I love this group and all the fun things we do together!

Fyi- Pam is not naked!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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The Kelsos said...

That would have made the playdate a lot more interesting. #HHphotobomber

Love y'all!! Xoxoxo