Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Since we found out about the Brain Cancer, we have made some big changes in our household. Some have been easy, while others have been a constant battle. I may have to start a series called Hippie Living because we are turning granola up in here.

1. Food
No more oreos, pop-tarts, diet Dr. pepper or Monster energy drinks. This was Jonathan's diet... some of you just spit out your pop-tart. I have cleaned the pantry of processed foods. We eat limited sugar- mostly from fruit. We eat a lot of vegetables with protein. I also limit our carbs- Carbs have sugar.

I cleaned up my diet in 2008. One year after Lucy was born. I had to lose the 40 pounds of baby weight that I had gained. I learned how to count calories and eliminate processed food. (I'll have to dig up a picture of "Cinnamon Pop-tart". She is a sight to see.) I cleaned up my diet and as a family we always ate a balanced dinner together but I didn't cut out the families processed food.

It has been a change. Little Henry whispered to Cookie, "Cookie, will you take me to Walmart and buy me some pop-tarts."

Our rule- If God didn't make it we shouldn't eat it... There are no pop-tart trees.

2. Chemicals
I am slowly taking the chemicals out of our house. No more Clorox. This is hard. I don't feel like our bathroom is clean unless it smells like the city pool!
-Mainly I clean with Vinegar and Thieves spray.
-I've even made my own soap... (I'll post recipes later)

3. Voodoo Oils
I have bought into the voodoo oils. We do it for calming and relaxing. I love our young living diffuser. I have even caught Jonathan starting it by himself if he goes to bed before me. (I'm not making a career out of selling these oils but if you are interested in some more information I can help you get started)

4. Plants
I have 8 indoor plants. They help purify the air. I also like the look of an indoor plants. I have an alarm on my phone that reminds me to water them.

5. Recycling
We have always recycled but now I have started a compost. My thoughts on recycling- If God put enough effort into creating the earth: plants, trees, animals, then He found it worthy enough of His time and I should take care of His creation.

6. Second Hand Shopping
This isn't a change.This is just part of my hippie living. I love second hand shopping. It is an adventure every time I go! Things are so cheap! The majority of my clothes are resale. Also my home furnishing. I'll have to post some of my favorite finds. People get rid of some of the best stuff- especially in Frisco, TX.

I'm a hippie. Next I'll have dreadlocks and wear tevas...
1. I love tevas... They are so comfortable.
2. I don't brush my hair. It takes the curl out. I just run my fingers through it, gel it and go. But, I have been known to get a dreadlock. The worst part is when I show up for a hair appointment and my stylist finds it before I do!! I can usually brush them out...

If I could emphasis just one of these things, It would be to clean up your diet! Veggies are delicious and so good for you!

I'd love to hear your hippie tips!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 


Unknown said...

Your the funniest person I know.....

Momof8 said...

Changes...we've been making those as well. Crazy how cancer will cause you to look at things a little closer. Have your tried YL frankincense oil? I rub it on Wayne's head every night before bed. Also, if you're interested, look at Budwig diet, the cottage cheese and oil part. I make Wayne a daily smoothie with cottage cheese, flax seed oil, a banana, strawberries, and blueberries. I figure it can't hurt to try! We don't follow any diet strictly-we aim to eat healthy, but also have occasional treats. I'm too am embracing my hippie side-which is easy since my roots are from Northern California. Hang in day at a time!! God is big enough to get us both through this!!!