Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stay the Course

Our next Drs appointment is August 6. I have mixed feelings about this appointment. On one hand I'd like to see the new mri report but on the other what if its not the results we want to see. I expressed my feelings to my most precious husband who said, "It's good either way!" Maybe good for him but what about me and our kiddos.

Yesterday, I read that a blogger who I've been following for the past 5ish years died. She had a heart condition. She also had a husband and two daughters under the age of two and she died. She was 30 years old and she died. God can call us home at any minute of any day. It doesn't matter what you have collected here on earth.

I surrendered all of my "stuff" to God in 2014. I told him if He wanted it He could have it: my family, my children, my husband, my house, our income, me. It's his. Two days later Jonathan lost his job. We responded the only way you possibly could-"We trust you God and we know you will get us through this." Six weeks later God exceeded our expectations. He fixed it.

I reflected on all of this while driving to pick up Jonathan from work. I left the house at 4:45 to miss traffic. When I hit the tollway after 121 traffic was at a standstill. We sat and waited. Cars were driving on the side lane trying to exit on the off ramp. People were doing u-turns down the wrong way on the on-ramps. People were losing their minds trying to fix and get out of the standstill traffic. I thought about following them but the parkway was as jammed as the tollway. So I sat and waited. And then all of the sudden the standstill was over and we all started driving like it had never happened. The parkway stood still. I feel like God was teaching me a lesson. "Stay the course, Mary Bear. I will take care of you. Don't even try to do it yourself. I'll fix-it."

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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