Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week Off and Starting Back

The kids and I have enjoyed our week off. We have missed each other. We have spent the week playing with Cookie and playing in the pool. 

My 11 year old nephew is in town for the next 2.5 weeks. Thankfully, my friend, has a 13 year old brother that we could get together with. They both enjoy minecraft and star wars. Best Friend material!

Taylor: Aunt Mary, why do you not know any 11 year old boys that I could play with?

Mary: Taylor, it is highly inappropriate for me to befriend 11 year old boys... 

Heather, Henry, and I (and my mullet) at the pool. 
(We are not naked)
I invited them to my pool but we wouldn't all fit...
Taylor and Nathan
 All the kids minus Henry. 
 Just to share- this is my new pool cover-up. I bought it at the goodwill... for $3. It's a 3x sheer top that was too pretty not to buy!
 This is my new juicy couture dress. $4 at my favorite resale shop. It looks brand new..

(That mirror is a project mirror. I obviously need to finish it.)

Today I will start taking Jonathan to treatment again. I've enjoyed a break, thank you David for taking over driving duties. I hope the break settled my road rage... (more on that later) Also a praise that we don't have treatment tomorrow and we get to spend the long weekend as a family!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it!

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