Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Review

I enjoyed my kiddos last week. It felt so good to play with them and not rush off to drive to treatment. We spent the week playing with friends, swimming with friends, and jumping with friends! Our weekend was spent as a family of 4, which was very enjoyable and much needed. 

Henry and I jumping!

 Ms. Heather has skill.
 Lucy going to town!

After 1.5 hours my kiddos were worn out! Mission Accomplished!
 After jumping, we grabbed lunch and picked Jonathan up to head to treatment. The kids enjoyed seeing where we go everyday. Thursday was a busy day for the office and it took them over an hour to get to Jonathan. I entertained the kids while we waited.

Lucy striking a pose.
 A walk in the peace garden.

 While we were in Dallas we stopped by Steel City Pops, they have the best popsicles!

We also introduced the kids to two american classic movies: Space Jam and Hook.
 Friday, we went to a work get together.

Quick Story: Lucy got hit in the head with a toy by accident. She was trying to be brave and not cry in front of her new friends. Henry could see that she was hurt. She walked up to the kid  who accidently hit her (who was double his height) and said, "Don't you hurt MY LUCY again! You are a bad boy and you need a time out!" He is living up to his name meaning, Henry= rules his household.

 Saturday, we celebrated the Fourth by visiting my bestie in the hospital! Congratulations, Morgan! Happy Birthday, Ellis!

We kept the kids up late and watched fireworks that night. 
 They loved being up late but they did not enjoy the fireworks...
Sunday: church, nap and laundry. To be honest, I made my mom come over and help me fold laundry... I am really good at doing laundry it's putting it away that I struggle with. Why do we have this many clothes?

I'm thankful for a family filled weekend. Thank you Lord for allowing us so much time together!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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Sugar said...

I live in Fayetteville and have been praying for your family for a month or so. I admire your trust in God and love how you share your faith. I also admire you sharing your fear. Even for those that are 100% faithful, it's hard to not be scared. Please know that so many people-some that you don't even know, are praying on your behalf. God bless you and Jonathan.