Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Review

Our weekend started early last week. Jonathan took Wednesday- Friday off from work and we enjoyed spending time as a family. I've enjoyed sleeping in for the last couple of weeks and I will continue to until school starts. (Four more weeks of summer)

So last Thursday was Lucy's 7th Birthday. She woke up to breakfast and a family party. 
 Henry was not happy that it wasn't his birthday.

 Even though it wasn't Henry's birthday, he still got a present or two to celebrate the day.
 Lucy was very pleased with her Anna dress.
 and boots.
 Henry was impressed with sauasage balls.

 I was not impressed with Jonathan's face.
 After breakfast we got ready and headed to the mall to get Lucy's ears pierced. That is all she wanted for her birthday! She was very brave and didn't cry. They even did it one ear at a time and for a split second I thought she would sport one earring in one ear.

 We had a big surprise that didn't start until 1. So we killed some time wondering around grapevine. We stopped by the rainforest cafe but the wait was 30 minutes. I'm not a big fan of waiting in line and neither is my family so we decided on pizza in the food court instead!
 We surprised the kids with a one night stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was a fun but one night was enough. After playing at the water park all afternoon Henry declared that he was done and wanted to go home. I'm glad we didn't take them on a week long adventure like we had originally wanted.

 We arrived back home Friday night and the kids watched a movie and I began tagging my clothes for the rhea lana sale. (I'm almost done and only have to enter things into the computer)
 I know right... The Bost are done living in excess. Most of this stuff I just threw in a bag and will be donating. I'm over all the stuff. Life is too short to house stuff.
 Sunday we attended Lucy's second new believers class and rested.
Fun was had by all. We enjoyed our family time and stay-cation!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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