Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Things.

5 Things that God has given me the past few weeks.

1. Distraction- Things are very normal right now and it is a pleasant distraction from the reality of brain cancer.

2. Routine- School has started and so has our routine. We are routine people. We thrive on it. We need it. I'm thankful for our activities to start back up. This could be listed under distraction from Cancer as well.

3. Friends- I'm reading Nobody is Sweeter than you, By. Melanie Shankle and it is a great reminder how God works behind the scenes. He has given me great friendships that I am thankful for. Friends just show up, they don't have to know what to say, they are just there to be with you. He has been establishing these relationships for times when I (we) really need them.

4. Simplicity- We have downsized our activities and busyness. We aren't going to do things to just do them but I'm putting extra thought into what benefits my family. Lucy is only going to do one activity this year instead of two.  I'm only going to do Bible Study and PTA this year. (and the gym) (When I say PTA don't be too impressed, I just make cookies when they ask us to bring food. I'd like to volunteer more though. But if I don't and the PTA is reading this just remember my husband has the Brain Cancer...)

5. Time. Time with Jesus. Time with Jonathan. Time with my kids. Time with my family. Time with my friends.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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