Monday, August 17, 2015

Parenting 101: Back to School Preparations

Alright, School starts in 1 week. We have 7 days of summer left! I thought I would share some of my preparation tips or "how-to's" with all of you. 

1. Cram in as much summer as you can the week before school starts.
This is for two reasons:
1. Your children will think you are the coolest. 
2. On the first day of school, when the teacher asks your kids to share about their summer in verbal or written form they will have something to share with the class that doesn't involve watching all of netflix... Guys, it is so hot in Texas. Netflix could describe our August. Also, Lucy had some fun trips in June and July but she can't remember the start of summer only the end. 

So, last week of school activities. 
1. Pool with friends.
2. Use our zoo membership.
3. Use our legoland membership.
4. We have a Denton Day with friends trip. 
5. Snow Cones

That's about as much fun as I can handle. 

2. Establish a routine.
We are routine people. My kids thrive on a routine. (So do I) 
 1. 7:30 bedtime is mandatory. (Those who know me well know that this is late for my kids, I used to put my kids to bed at 5:30 or 6 o'clock.)
2. Wake up at 5:00. This is for me. I'm more productive in the morning and I like to be up before the kids. Gone are the days that we get to sleep in... 
3. Wake the kids up earlier. Lucy has to get up at 6:15 when school starts. I'm not going to wake her up at 6:15 but 7 instead this week. 

3. Proper Grooming is Required. 
1. Brushing of the teeth 2x a day. Morning and Night. 
2. Brushing of the hair. We can't go to school looking like ragamuffins. 
3. Wearing of the shoes. I'm not even sure where Lucy's sandals are... We have been known to show up to the pool play-dates barefoot. 
4. Wearing of matching outfits. Our mismatched days are over. 

4. Own Bed Policy
Everyone is sleeping in their own bed. No more same bed parties. No more showing up in mom's room in the middle of the night. 

5. School Skills
1. Practice reading. 
2. Make a book. 
3. Practice some math. Our kindergarten teacher worked so hard and I've undone it all. 

6. Real Meals.
We can't continue to play chopped out of the pantry. Mom's going to have to do some real grocery shopping/meal planning. 

7. Snuggle. 

That is all friends. If you are wondering what we are doing this week we are probably at the zoo with our hair brushed and shoes on. :)

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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